Unity Addon SnapIT – Magnetize your Game Objects

SnapIT makes it possible to “snap” two objects to each other, using magnets on the edges. The possibilities is endless, you can use it as a base for building pipes, rollercoaster or roads.

This asset comes with full source code in a small library with a functional example.

It’s not perfect, but we have spent many weeks on this and we think it can really help developers out there. SnapIT will be updated with more functionality, e.g. first thing we hope to solve is to mark the magnets so that it’s clear which direction their snapping to.

Open in unity: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/153676
Documentation: https://www.spktools.com/documentation-snapit/

Credits to Ivan Kondratiev for nice art work:

Tags: SnapIT, Snap, Snapping, Magnets, Road, Rollercoaster, Magnet, Aggregating